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ABOUT ALVI Realty Landholdings

Building Dream into Reality

Over the years, ALVI Realty has continued to grow, driven by our core values of integrity, transparency, and exceptional service. We have assisted countless individuals in turning their dreams into reality, guiding them through the process of purchasing properties with expertise and care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide affordable homes and lands for people who are in dire need by giving them access via the Internet to create environmental friendly communities that support each other.

Our Vision

To be the best provider of affordable and quality land holdings and properties in a place where everyone is happily settled.

A home and a landed state are every Filipinos dream and this is true for every individual on earth.A person is not a king if he does not own any property or landholding.

Real estate property we call our own seems like an impossible dream for everyone of us on the planet.

Back in the 60s and 70s when life is difficult owning a loan or a house is almost close to impossibility.

ALVI Realty founders grew up in the same street were boarding houses and rented housing units were numerous.

Families and students were renting one bedroom units with 4 to 6 occupants.

Back in the 1990s when the housing industry had a backlog of 10 million units,the engineer builder was employed by a newly rising developer as one their project managers along with 35 other civil engineers and not to count the several hundreds realtor , agents doing the sales, marketing and brokerage.

The builder engineer was caught up with interest in real state brokerage decided to take the board exam for REAL ESTATE BROKERS and pass he did in 2009 under the DTI supervision.

The partner of engineer builder, also an engineer was inspired to help the Filipino people acquire landed properties at affordable prices with in the shortest possible time. The engineer’s partner whose family was into the boarding house business in the 60s saw a great need and decided to continue providing livable spaces for families and students by embarking on a realty services with the vision to be the best provider of affordable houses and landholdings where everyone is happily settled.

The ALVI REALTY GROUP envisions also to develop top notch real estate service providers and to provide hundreds of thousand of housing units in the near future with the help of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

It is a daunting task and quite impossible to achieve but with the use of AI(Artificial Intelligence),proprietary computer algorithms ,software programs ,the World Wide Web and foremost the guidance of the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY,the impossible will be made possible.